Tru Form Metal Products, Inc. specializes in forming architectural sheet metal, flashings, gutters, downspouts, standing seam panels and various other metal fabrications. To blend innovative design, function and durability, Tru Form utilizes state-of-the-art computerized equipment that folds metal to the most precise dimensions. Sample pieces can also be made and taken to jobsites for assessment, fine tuning, and approval.
  • Petersen Alum. Standing Seam Panels
  • Snap On Standing Seam Panels
  • M&R Exposed Fastener
  • Painted Tek Screws Panels
  • S-5 Standing Seam Snow Retention System
  • Snow Birds
  • Vented & Unvented Soffit Panels
  • Flush & Reveal Panels
  • Corrugated Panels
  • Hold Down Clips
  • Closure Strips
  • Painted Grommeted Hex Head Screws

Standing Seam

Wall Panels

Soffit Panels

Flush Panels